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Matching Works Alphabetically

A Soldier's Song (1)
Above the Moon Earth Rises (1)
Ain t-Oilean Ur, folk song (1)
All in the Early Morning (1)
An teicheadh go hÉigipt (Flight into Egypt) (2)
As I Roved Out, folk song (1)
Avenging and Bright, folk song (1)
Banish Misforune (1)
Barn Dances (1)
Be Thou My Vision (14)
Belfast Hornpipe (1)
Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (a.k.a. "My Lodging is in the Cold, Cold Ground") (13)
Bendermeer's Stream (1)
Bid adieu, folk song (1)
Bonny Wood Green ("All around the green valleys"), folk ballad (1)
Bound for South Australia, sea shanty (a.k.a. "Cape Cod Girls", "Codfish Shanty", "Heave Away, Haul (2)
Brian Boru's March, traditional melody (2)
Cailín ó Chois tSúire Mé (1)
Cailín ó Chois tSúire Mé (1)
Carrickfergus (2)
Celtic wedding march (1)
Clare Jig, traditional melody (1)
Crowley's Reel (1)
Cutting the Kelp, folk song (1)
Dónal Og (1)
Dinny Delaney, traditional jig (1)
Dowd's Reel (aka O'Dowd's Favourite) (1)
Drowsy Maggie (1)
Dúlamán (Seaweed) (1)
Eileen Aroon (a.k.a. Aileen Aroon), folk song (1)
Farewell to Music (1)
Greensleeves Jig (1)
Gutsy's Frolics, slip jig (1)
Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded, folk song (1)
Heart's Delight, traditional melody (1)
I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue (4)
I Would Be True (5)
Irish Roots Medley (1)
Jackson's (1)
Jackson's Morning Brush (2)
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye!, folk song (1)
King William's Rambles (1)
Kitty My Love, Will You Marry Me?, folk song (7)
Láirín an Ghearaltaigh (1)
Lament for Owen Rua (1)
Lament for Staker Wallace (1)
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy), folk song (61)
Marry Me Now, folk song (1)
Molly Halfpenny (a.k.a. "Molly O'Hailpin") (2)
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) (4)
My Darling Asleep, traditional melody (1)
My Lagan Love (4)
O Pia Virgo ( O Blessed Virgin) (1)
O'Keefe's Slide, traditional melody (1)
O'Riley's Grave, traditional melody (1)
Oh Men from the Fields (1)
Once Again (1)
Port and Toys, for lute (from the Pickering Lute Book) (1)
Prophetarum presignata, prosa for vocal ensemble (1)
Pull down the shade (1)
Racha' mise, racha' tusa (1)
Repeal of the Union (1)
Roslin Castle (1)
Sackow's Jig (1)
Sally Gardens (2)
Salmon tails up the water, polka (1)
Sciathlúireach Mhuire (Mary's Breastplate) (1)
Scott's Lament for harp (1)
Sea Fever (1)
She Moved through the Fair, folk song (15)
Shores of Amerikay (1)
Sixpenny Money, traditional melody (1)
Southwind (1)
Take Time to Be Holy (1)
Tenpenny Bit (1)
The Cliffs of Doneen, folk song (2)
The Coulin (2)
The Cuckoo's Nest, traditional folk melody (2)
The Dark Island, song (1)
The Dawning Of The Day (1)
The Fair Young Child (1)
The Gander in the pratie hole, double jig (1)
The Goroum, a reel (1)
The Harp that Once Thro' Tara's Halls (3)
The Holy Ground (1)
The Humors of Glyn (1)
The Humours of Scariff (1)
The Irish Ho-Hoane (1)
The Irish Washerwoman (1)
The Kerry Dance (1)
The Kerry Star (1)
The King of love my Shepherd is (4)
The Last Rose of Summer, folk song (6)
The Little Green Lane (3)
The Little and Great Mountain (2)
The Lost Lover, folk song (2)
The Minstrel Boy, folk song (1)
The Parting Glass, folk song (1)
The Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow (L'heritiere de Keroulez) (1)
The Ragg Set by a Gentleman (a.k.a. "Irish Rag") (2)
The Rose of Tralee (attributed to Charles W. Glover) (2)
The Roving Dingle Boy, folk song (1)
The Seven Rejoices of Mary (An chéad shuáilce fuair an Mhaighdeon Bheannaithe) (1)
The Southern Shore (1)
The Star of the County Down (to the tune of Gilderoy) (2)
The Star of the County Down, folk song (1)
The Stuttering Lovers, folksong (4)
The Tinker's Daughter, folk song (1)
The Walrus, traditional melody (1)
The Wild Rover (2)
The lark in the clear air (7)
The musical priest (1)
The snowy breasted pearl (4)
The wild rose of the mountain (1)
Tobin's favorite (1)
Toss the Feathers (2)
Trip it Upstairs (1)
Truagh (An Triúcha) (Celebrated Irish Tunes, 1724) (1)
Tune from County Derry, traditional melody (1)
Tuttle's Reel (1)