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Adesto, dolori meo (1)
Amour, amour donne moy pais (Love, give me peace), song (1)
Es war eins Bawren Toechterlein (There was once a peasant's daughter), song (1)
Fratres expurgate, motet for 6 voice (Sacraum Cantionum ... liber secundus) (1)
Hoscha, hoscha wenn woel wir froelich sein (Hoppla, hoppla, if we want to be happy), song (1)
Iane en te baisant (Jane, while I'm kissing you), song (1)
Iay mis mon affection (I give my affection), song (1)
Ich armer Mann (I, poor man), song (1)
Ich solt ein mal spatzieren gan (I went walking one day), song (1)
Ie seufre tourment (I endure torment), song (1)
Ie veus morir (I wish to die), song (1)
In principio erat Verbum, motet in 3 parts for 6 voices (Sacrarum Cantionum ... liber secundus) (1)
Infima contemptum pariunt, motet for 5 voices (Liber tertius Sacrarum Cantionum) (1)
Ist keiner hie der spricht zu mir (Is there no-one to talk to me?), song (1)
Laissez cela disoit une nonette (Leave off, said the pretty little nun), song (1)
Las force m'est (Alas, I must), song (1)
Mein Mann der ist in Krieg zogen (My husband has gone off to war), song (1)
Mors tua, mors Christi, motet for 6 voices (1)
Nur nerrisch sein (Only to be foolish), song (1)
O quel regret (What sorrow), song (1)
Petite nimfe folatre (Small playful nymph), song (1)
Plangent eum quasi unigenitum, motet in 2 parts for 6 voices (Novi Thesauri Musici liber primus) (1)
Pleut il à dieu (May it please God), song (1)
Plus tu cognois (The more you know), song (1)
Scio quod redemptor meus vivit, motet for 6 voices (1)
Si je trespasse (If I should die), song (1)
Si vous volez moins dure (If you would lessen), song (1)
Wohl auff gut gsellen (Come on, my fine friends), song (1)