Announcing the Long Anticipated 50 CD Medieval and Renaissance Box from Decca!
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Announcing the Long Anticipated 50 CD Medieval and Renaissance Box from Decca!
Following earlier boxed set releases of Baroque (now deleted) and Classical Era masterpieces, Decca presents this 50 CD set of the most significant Medieval & Renaissance albums recorded by one of the most authoritative Early Music labels. Including 6 albums presented on CD for the first time, the music explored in this limited edition collection represent the dawn of the Western Music Tradition.
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----- More Recommended Renaissance Music from Decca and DG -----
Lux - Choral Works of Light
Recommended TitleLux - Choral Works of Light
"...The lovely 'Teardrop' works astonishingly well in this mixed programme devoted to the concept of light in all its moods and forms." -Choir & Organ
Maynard(1577-1633):XII Wonders of the World; Various Character Songs
Recommended TitleMaynard(1577-1633):XII Wonders of the World; Renaissance Character Songs
Consort of Musicke, Jones
"I was also thinking that this sort of lighthearted music almost certainly serves as a forerunner to Gilbert and Sullivan." -ARG
Holborne: Pavans and Galliards, 1599
Recommended TitleHolborne: Pavans and Galliards, 1599
Consort of Musicke,
Anthony Rooley
"The standard of performances
is high."


Angels & Saints at Ephesus
Recommended TitleAngels & Saints at Ephesus
Benedictines of Mary; Queen of Apostles
"...17 selections in Latin and English, mostly familiar. Their a cappella singing celebrates the feasts of saints and angels through the year."
Baroque Arias:Beauty of the Baroque
Recommended TitleBaroque Arias:Beauty of the Baroque
Danielle De Niese
"De Niese's sheer joy in singing leaps off the CD and her emotional immediacy is hard
to resist."

-Classical FM
1612: Italian Vespers
Recommended Title1612: Italian Vespers
I Fagiolini, Hollingworth
"Everywhere on this exciting disc we find bold voices atmospherically recorded, standing tall in towering blocks of sound or curling in polyphonic raptures."
-The Times

Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcellii; Motets
Recommended TitlePalestrina: Missa Papae Marcellii; Motets
Massimo Palombella, Sistine Chapel Choir
"This result is fascinating: the sheer sense of height and depth of the building is considerably enhanced..." -Gramophone
Sacred Works of Palestrina, Allegri, Anerio, Nanino and Giovannelli
Recommended TitleSacred Works of Palestrina, Allegri, Anerio, Nanino and Giovannelli
Choir Westminster Abbey
"...arguably the most finely-tuned, subtly balanced and rich-toned of polyphonic ensembles"
-Hi-Fi News
Cantate Domino:Sacred Works
Recommended TitleCantate Domino:
Sacred Works

Sistine Chapel Choir, Palombella
"The chanting of Christus factus est is a revelation, with every inflection implied by the
notation executed."

-BBC Music Magazine

Praetorius: 17th-Century Choral Works
Recommended TitlePraetorius: 17th-Century Choral Works
Balthasar Neumann
Ensemble & Choir
"the choir revels in the echoey spatial effects of Hieronymus's Tota Pulchra Es." -The Guardian
The Sacred Polyphony of El Greco's Toledo
Recommended TitleThe Sacred Polyphony of
El Greco's Toledo

Ens. Plus Ultra
"The results - intimate yet intense - are a fitting reflection of Counter-Reformation ethos" -BBC Music
Praetorius: Christmette; Christmas Mass
Recommended TitlePraetorius: Christmette; Christmas Mass
Gabrieli Consort, McCreesh
"The most dramatic of the liturgical re-enactments of which Paul McCreesh made his business" -Diapason

Gesualdo and Victoria: Sacred Works
Recommended TitleGesualdo and Victoria: Sacred Works
"The Tenebrae choir reaffirms its reputation as one of the leading exponents of renaissance music." -Financial Times
Tomas Luis De Victoria: Sacred Works
Recommended TitleTomas Luis De Victoria: Sacred Works [10 CDs]
Ens. Plus Ultra
"The 11 hours of music on offer represent both a sizeable portion and a representative sample of Victoria's output"
Nouveau Monde: Baroque Arias and Songs
Recommended TitleNouveau Monde: Baroque Arias and Songs
Patricia Petibon, soprano
"a tightly thought-through and arranged and compelling programme, a tour de force..." -Gramophone

The John Dowland Collection
Recommended TitleThe John Dowland Collection
"Dowland's celebrated Lachrimae pavans are woven through the sequence, giving the whole a sense of unity and shape." -BBC Music
Gabrieli: Music for San Rocco
Recommended TitleGabrieli: Music for
San Rocco

McCreesh, Gabrieli Consort
"It is hard to imagine this fine recording of Gabrieli's music being superseded for some time to come." -Gramophone
Drop Down, Ye Heavens - Advent Antiphons for Choir & Saxophone
Recommended TitleAdvent Antiphons
for Choir & Saxophone

Siglo de Oro
"A debut with a difference... A novel, ungimmicky project, vividly executed." -BBC Music

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