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Yancey Special 
Yellow Dog Blues 
Yellow Gal 
Yellow Moon 
Yer Blues 
Yield Not to Temptation 
Yo Yo Blues 
Yonder Comes The Blues 
You'll Be Mine 
You'll Never Know 
You're Gonna Make Me Cry 
You're Gonna Miss Me 
You're Gonna Need Somebody .. 
You're So Fine 
You're Sweet 
You're the One 
You've Changed 

You've Done Lost Your Good .. 
You've Got Bad Intentions 
You've Got Me Licked 
You've Got To Love Her With.. 
You've Got to Hurt Before Y.. 
You Are My Sunshine 
You Belong to Me 
You Better Run 
You Better Watch Yourself 
You Can't Judge a Book by t.. 
You Can't Lose What You Ain.. 
You Can Have My Husband 
You Can Run But You Can't H.. 
You Don't Have To Go 
You Don't Know 
You Don't Know Me 
You Don't Know My Mind 
You Don't Know What Love Is 
You Don't Love Me 
You Don't Understand 

You Done Lost Your Good Thi.. 
You Gonna Miss Me 
You Got Me Dizzy 
You Go to My Head 
You Gotta Move 
You Got to Move 
You Got to Reap What You So.. 
You Know I Go for You 
You Know I Love You 
You Rascal You 
You Shook Me 
You Talk Too Much 
You Upset Me Baby 
You Were Wrong 
You Won't Let Me Go 
Young Fashioned Ways 
Young Girl 
Your Funeral and My Trial 
Your Love 
Your Red Wagon