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Music Rewards - HBDirect

What is the Music Rewards™ program?

HBDirect's Music Rewards™ program is intended both to thank you for your business and reward you for your continued patronage. As you make purchases throughout the year, you will be adding to your Music Rewards™ points total. You will be credited for your accumulated points with the first order you place during one of our redemption periods, and the amount you spend on that order will earn points to be applied during the following redemption period. Enrolling in the program is automatic, and totally free!

How do I sign up for Music Rewards™?

Aside from placing an order with HBDirect, there's really nothing you need to do in order to start taking advantage of Music Rewards™. In fact, if you've placed an order, by phone, mail or on our website, since July 1st, 2015, you've already earned points! New customers are automatically enrolled in Music Rewards™ , and earn points beginning with their very first shipment.

Tracking your points

Whenever we invoice an order and ship it to you, the total you spend, excluding shipping charges, will be counted towards your Music Rewards™ points. The number of points earned per dollars spent may fluctuate from time to time during special promotions, but will never fall below our base rate of 2 points per 100 dollars. We'll keep track of your points and display your accumulated total on your "My Account" page. Remember that new points are not added until we actually ship your order.

How to claim your rewards

You will have two opportunities during the course of the year to redeem your points. These opportunities, or redemption periods, run for two months each, and will be announced in our catalogs, eNewsletters and on our website. Your accumulated points will be applied at a rate of one dollar per point to the first order we receive after a redemption period begins. You won't have to do anything special, just place the order and we'll take care of the rest. All of your points must be used on a single order, and you can only redeem once during a redemption period. Please be aware, points not claimed by the time a redemption period ends are forfeited.