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Deacon Gray: Revival (Of The Fittest) [PA] [Digipak]

Track List

>WRIZ: Good Morning!
>O.C., The (Giddy'ns, Tuesday, 8 :00)
>WTF, LU!?!
>Preacher Brothers (Giddy'ns, Wednesday, 8:00)
>WRIZ: Pie Prank
>Christmas Letter (Giddy'ns, Thursday, 8:00)
>Centurion 2000
>Jesus, Inc. (Giddy'ns, Friday, 8:00)
>Jesus Christ, Movie Star (Giddy'ns, Friday, 8:00)
>Legend of the Jesus Fish
>Ninja Christians (Giddy'ns, Saturday, 8:00)
>WRIZ: Sweet Master
>Other Beliefs (Giddy'ns, Saturday, 10:00)
>Christ, the Conservative King & the Homosexual Agenda (Giddy'ns, Saturday, 10:00)
>Christ of the Ozarks
>Deal With the Devil
>What I Can't Say (Giddy'ns, Sunday, 9:00)
>WRIZ: Sign-Off


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