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Anton Lesser: Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist

Track List

>Treats of the Place Where Oliver Twist Was Born and of the ...
>Treats of Oliver Twist's Growth, Education, And Board
>Relates How Oliver Twist Was Very Near Getting a Place Which Would Not
>Oliver, Being Offered Another Place, Makes His First Entry into Public
>Oliver Mingles With a New Associate-Noah Claypole
>Oliver, Being Goaded by the Taunts of Noah, Rouses into Action, ...
>Oliver Continues Refractory
>Oliver Walks to London. He Encounters on the Road a Strange Sort ...
>Containing Further Particulars Concerning the Pleasant Old ...
>Oliver Becomes Better Acquainted With the Characters of His New ...
>Treats of Mr. Fang the Police Magistrate; and Furnishes a Slight ...
>In Which Oliver Is Taken Better Care of Than He Ever Was Before
>Some New Acquaintances Are Introduced
>Comprising Further Particulars of Oliver's Stay at Mr. Brownlow's
>Showing How Very Fond of Oliver Twist, The Merry Old Jew and Miss ...
>Relates What Became of Oliver Twist, After He Had Been Claimed by ...
>Oliver's Destiny Continuing Unpropitious, Brings a Great Man to London
>In Which a Notable Plan Is Discussed and Determined On
>Wherein Oliver Is Delivered Over to Mr. William Sikes
>Expedition, The
>Burglary, The
>Which Contains the Substance of a Pleasant Conversation Between ...
>Treats on a Very Poor Subject. But Is a Short One, And May Be Found of
>Wherein This History Reverts to Mr. Fagin and Company
>In Which a Mysterious Character Appears Upon the Scene
>Atones for the Unpoliteness of a Former Chapter; Which Deserted a ...
>Looks After Oliver, And Proceeds With His Adventures
>Has an Introductory Account of the Inmates of the House, To Which ...
>Relates What Oliver's New Visitors Though of Him
>Of the Happy Life Oliver Began to Lead With His Kind Friends
>Wherein the Happiness of Oliver and His Friends, Experiences a ...
>Contains Some Introductory Particulars Relative to a Young ...
>Containing the Unsatisfactory Result of Oliver's Adventure; and a ...
>In Which the Reader May Perceive a Contrast, Not Uncommon in ...
>Containing an Account of What Passed Between Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, ...
>Introduces Some Respectable Characters With Whom the Reader Is Already
>Strange Interview, A
>Containing Fresh Discoveries, And Showing That Suprises, Like ...
>Old Acquaintance of Oliver's, Exhibiting Decided Marks of Genius, ..., An
>Wherein Is Shown How the Artful Dodger Got into Trouble
>Time Arrives for Nancy to Redeem Her Pledge to Rose Maylie. She Fails, The
>Noah Claypole Is Employed by Fagin on a Secret Mission
>Appointment Kept, The
>Fatal Consequences
>Flight of Sikes, The
>Monks and Mr. Brownlow at Length Meet
>"And Now You Do See Me, " Said Monks, Rising Bodly
>Pursuit and Escape, The
>Affording an Explanation of More Mysteries Than One, And Comprehending
>Mr. Brownlow Merely Nodded to Mr Grimwig...
>Fagin's Last Night Alive
>And Last

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Perry Keenlyside.

Recording information: Hatsoff Studios, Stonesfield.

Editor: Sarah Butcher.


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