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Karen Young/Glen Bowser: W Is For Wapiti: An Alphabet Songbook

Track List

>Aha ! Aha ! Did you do that?
>Itsy-Bitsy Tiny Boat
>Clickety Cluck the Duck
>Love to Dream
>Mister Elephant
>Fruit Filled Flans of the Friendly Ghost, The
>I'm a Twisted Turtle With a Goofy Grin
>High Like the Swallows in the Sky
>Imagine That
>John the Pigeon
>Mister Ka the Koala
>Little Louisa Damselfly
>My Marmot and Me
>When My Nose is Numb
>One Plus Two Plus Three Oval Eggs
>Papa's Quiet Rascals
>Simon the Cricket
>Too Much
>Just One Unit?
>VIPs Of The Earth
>A Humongous Wapiti
>Xylophone and the Yoyo, The
>Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
>Let's Sing It Again


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