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Legends of Operetta / Fritz Wunderlich, Anneliese Rothenberger, Rudolf Schock, Erika Köth and Elisabeth Schwarzkop

Notes & Reviews:

Legenden der Operette is a 10-CD box set that features some of the top classical vocalists in the history of opera including Fritz Wunderlich, who performs such pieces as Nuendorff's Wandern, ach wander and Strauss's Annina! Carramello. Anneliese Rotheberger lends her immense vocal skill such works as Offenbach's O gottlich Paar. Rudolf Schoch performs such pieces as Kalam's Heller Jubel with such precisions, it almost seems effortless. Erika Koth's compelling and touching recording of Lincke's Ween die Sonne Schlafen geht show her ability as a magnificent performer. The breathtaking vocal talents of the German soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf are made prevalent in her performance of such works as Lehar's Es lebt' eine Vilja. Each amazing vocalist performs with passion and grace, showcasing both the talent of the performer and the composer.

Schwarzkopf's amazing vocal talents appeal to the senses, while the voices Rothenberger and Koth have the innate ability to touch people's hearts. Wunderlich sings with a reckless charm, while Schoch's dramatic intelligence, artistic sensitivity, eloquence and imagination are on full display. The vocal performances from these collective artists come off as moving, and sometimes seemingly effortless, embodiment of Verdi's masterful compositions. This set not only shows the wonderful talents of the artists featured, but the unique and influential talents of Verdi as a composer.


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