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Deke Leonard: Iceberg [Remastered] [Expanded Edition]

Track List

>Razorblade and Rattlesnake
>I Just Can't Win
>Nothing is Happening
>Looking for a Man
>Hard Way to Live, A
>Broken Ovation
>Ten Thousand Takers
>Ghost of Musket Flat, The
>Crosby (Second Class Citizen Blues)
>7171 551
>Diamond Road
>Turning in Circles
>Aching is So Sweet, The
>Nothing is Happening [Single Mix]
>Four Corners of Hell [Instrumental Backing Track], The
>After Burner Boogie

Album Notes

Though Deke Leonard had made his reputation playing progressive rock in the Welsh group Man, his first solo album has more of a roots rock feel than anything released by that band. Roots rock played by someone with a taste for odd arrangements, perhaps, but roots rock nevertheless. "Lisa" and "Jesse" both sound like something that the Band might have turned out, country fiddle, organ, and all, though Leonard's distinctive, reedy voice makes it unlikely that anyone is actually going to mistake one for the other. Rockabilly comes in for some attention too, as in the delirious "Hard Way to Live," a nutty high-octane track in which the already treble-voiced Leonard deliberately goes falsetto at the end of each verse to hilarious effect. At other points, Leonard channels Badfinger, as with the plaintive "Nothing Is Happening," a lovely song with poetic, wistful lyrics. Leonard even tosses in a pair of cuts that would have fit in nicely on a Man album, "Broken Ovation" and "717151." It's no surprise that his old mates from Man dropped in for guest appearances on those cuts and a few others, the best of which is the odd but pleasant instrumental "The Ghost of Musket Flat." There are a few throwaway tracks, a few experiments, but the general mood is one of low-key charm. Deke Leonard didn't try to break a whole lot of stylistic ground on Iceberg, but what he did he did well, and it is probably his best solo album. [Note: The original LP came in a beautiful sleeve with a metallic finish on the cover, which is now a collector's item when in good condition.] ~ Richard Foss


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