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Reinhold Heil: Helix: Music from the Television Series [Original Score]

Track List

>Helix: Season One: Balleseros Briefing
>Helix: Season One: Airducts & Monkeys
>Helix: Season One: Look At That
>Helix: Season One: Helix Main Title
>Helix: Season One: You Don't Get Sick
>Helix: Season One: SODRA
>Helix: Season One: Apeshit
>Helix: Season One: I Have Lost Control
>Helix: Season One: I Envied You
>Helix: Season One: Retrieve Dr. Hvit
>Helix: Season One: Alan Discovers Doreen
>Helix: Season One: I Am Listening Now
>Helix: Season One: I'm Home
>Helix: Season One: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
>Helix: Season One: Cryogenics
>Helix: Season One: It Was Right There
>Helix: Season One: Red Blood
>Helix: Season One: Why Me?
>Helix: Season One: They Hurt!
>Helix: Season One: Family Photo
>Helix: Season One: A Second Chance
>Helix: Season One: Vectors Save Peter
>Helix: Season One: We Could Have Changed the World
>Helix: Season One: The Rite of Balck Goo
>Helix: Season One: The Virus Vault
>Helix: Season One: In the Name of Science
>Helix: Season One: Alan and Julia Find Narvik
>Helix: Season One: Retrieve Narvik
>Helix: Season One: Perimeter Breach
>Helix: Season One: Miksa Makes His Own Rules
>Helix: Season One: Find Me
>Helix: Season One: Staff Meeting
>Helix: Season One: Scrap Book Bossa (not used in show)
>Helix: Season Two: Scary People in the Woods
>Helix: Season Two: Julia Struggling
>Helix: Season Two: The Abbey
>Helix: Season Two: Coastguard
>Helix: Season Two: Exhuming Alan
>Helix: Season Two: How Much Farther?
>Helix: Season Two: Leila's Body Gone
>Helix: Season Two: There Isn't Much Peace to Be Had
>Helix: Season Two: I Told You I Would
>Helix: Season Two: Sword Versus Axe
>Helix: Season Two: The Last Supper
>Helix: Season Two: Women in Agony
>Helix: Season Two: Everytime Something Goes Wrong
>Helix: Season Two: Grandsister
>Helix: Season Two: Pray for the Worst
>Helix: Season Two: There It Is
>Helix: Season Two: We Come In All Sizes
>Helix: Season Two: Sarah In the Hallway
>Helix: Season Two: Kool Aid
>Helix: Season Two: I Can't Believe Michael Did This
>Helix: Season Two: Sarah and Alan
>Helix: Season Two: Entering the Gates
>Helix: Season Two: Sarah Does Botany
>Helix: Season Two: Yeah, Alan Knows
>Helix: Season Two: Kyle and Peter Decide
>Helix: Season Two: Too Late for That
>Helix: Season Two: It's Leaking Too Fast
>Helix: Season Two: Peter Examines Anne's Foot
>Helix: Season Two: You Didn't Seem to Care
>Helix: Season Two: Alan Gonna Burn the Abbey
>Helix: Season Two: Peter Gonna Burn the Abbey
>Helix: Season Two: Toothless Revenge
>Helix: Season Two: San Jose
>Helix: Season Two: The Two Percent
>Helix: Season Two: Dr. Jordan
>Helix: Season Two: Helix End Title

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Reinhold Heil.

Starring Billy Campbell as leader of a team of experts investigating potential disease outbreaks in the Arctic and on the fictional island of St. Germain, the SyFy cable network thriller Helix ups the suspense with its score composed by Reinhold Heil (Run Lola Run, Deadwood). Incorporating electronic soundscapes and noise effects, Heil's tense compositions blend electronics with orchestral strings, drums, and percussiveness in general to sometimes atmospheric, sometimes explosive effect. Released by La-La Land Records in July 2015, three months after the second season's finale aired and the show was officially canceled by Syfy, the two-CD collection features over two hours of musical highlights from both seasons of the show. ~ Marcy Donelson


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