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Cypress Hill: Original Album Classics

Track List

>Pigs [Album Version]
>How I Could Just Kill a Man
>Hand on the Pump [Explicit Album Version]
>Hole in the Head [Album Version]
>Ultraviolet Dreams [Album Version]
>Light Another [Album Version]
>Phuncky Feel One, The
>Break it Up [Album Version]
>Real Estate [Album Version]
>Stoned is the Way of the Walk
>Psycobetabuckdown [Album Version]
>Something for the Blunted [Album Version]
>Latin Lingo
>Funny Cypress Hill Shit [Album Version], The
>Tres Equis [Album Version]
>Born to Get Busy [Album Version]
>I Wanna Get High [Album Version]
>I Ain't Goin' Out Like That [Explicit Album Verison]
>Insane in the Brain [Explicit Album Version]
>When the Shit Goes Down
>Lick a Shot [Album Version]
>Cock the Hammer [Album Version]
>Interlude [Album Version]
>Lil' Putos [Album Version]
>Legalize it [Album Version]
>Hits From the Bong [Album Version]
>What Go Around, Come Around, Kid [Album Version]
>A to the K [Album Version]
>Hand on the Glock [Album Version]
>Break 'Em Off Some [Album Version]
>Spark Another Owl [Album Version]
>Throw Your Set in the Air [Explicit Album Version]
>Stoned Raiders [Album Version]
>Killa Hill Niggas [Album Version]
>Boom Biddy Bye Bye [Album Version]
>No Rest for the Wicked [Album Version]
>Make a Move [Album Version]
>Killafornia [Album Version]
>Funk Freakers [Album Version]
>Locotes [Album Version]
>Red Light Version [Album Version]
>Strictly Hip Hop [Album Version]
>Let it Rain [Album Version]
>Everybody Must Get Stoned [Bonus Track]
>Looking Through the Eye of a Pig [LP Version]
>Checkmate [LP Version]
>From the Window of My Room [LP Version]
>Prelude to a Come Up [LP Version] - (featuring MC Eiht)
>Riot Starter [LP Version]
>Audio X - (featuring Barron Ricks)
>Steel Magnolia [LP Version] - (featuring Barron Ricks)
>I Remember That Freak Bitch (From the Club)/Interlude Part 2; I Remember That Freak Bitch (From the Club)\ Interlude Part 2 [Album Version] - (featuring Barron Ricks)
>(Goin' All Out) Nothin' to Lose [LP Version]
>Tequila Sunrise [LP Version] - (featuring Barron Ricks)
>Dead Men Tell No Tales [LP Version]
>Feature Presentation [LP Version] - (featuring Barron Ricks/Chace Infinite)
>Dr. Greenthumb [Explicit LP Version]
>16 Me Till There's No Men Left [LP Version]
>High Times [LP Version]
>Clash of the Titans/Dust; Clash of the Titans\ Dust [LP Version]
>Lightning Strikes [LP Version]
>Intro [Explicit Version]
>Trouble [Explicit LP Version]
>Kronologik [Explicit Version] - (featuring Kurupt)
>Southland Killers [Explicit Version] - (featuring King Tee/MC Ren)
>Bitter [Explicit Version]
>Amplified [Explicit Version]
>It Ain't Easy [Album Version]
>Memories [Explicit Version]
>Psychodelic Version [Explicit Version] - (featuring Method Man/Redman)
>Red, Meth & B [Explicit Version] - (featuring Method Man/Redman)
>Lowrider [Explicit Version]
>Catastrophe [Explicit Version]
>L.I.F.E. [Explicit Version] - (featuring Kokane)
>Here is Something You Can't Understand [Explicit Version] - (featuring Kurupt)


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