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Various Artists: Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks From Down Under

Track List

>When You Walk in the Room - Sandy Edmonds
>Rebel Kind, The - The Chicks
>Saturday Date - Toni McCann
>He's Ready - The Clevedonaires
>Someone Cares for Me - The Field Twins
>Be My Baby - Joy Lemmon
>Come See Me - Sandy Edmonds
>No - Toni McCann
>Hard Loving Loser - Gwynn Owen
>See You Sam - April Byron
>What Am I Doing Here With You - The Chicks
>Stranger in My Arms - Lynne Randell
>Let's Take a Stroll With Allison Durbin Ad - Allison Durbin
>Yo Yo - Allison Durbin
>Soul Time - Sandy Edmonds
>Ambush - Maria Dallas
>You're Bad - The Executives
>That's When Happiness Began - Gwynn Owen
>You're Messin' Up My Mind - Judy Jacques
>That's a Hoe Down - Lynne Randell
>Working on a Groovy Thing - Allison Durbin
>Hey, Beach Boy - Donna Gaye
>Do You Want to Dance - Peter Posa/The Chicks
>I Am a Ginger Group Girl Ad - Rochelle Vinsen & the Pleasers
>I Wanna Swim With Him - Rochelle Vinsen
>He's My Boy - Cathy Howe
>Little People - Yvonne Barrett
>You Were Born for Me - The Tunespinners
>Moving in a Circle - The Executives
>Sunshine River - Gemini
>I Think I Just Lost Out - Lynne Pike
>You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies - Fia Karin
>Society's Child - Judy Stone
>You Won't Forget Me - The Chicks
>Heaven Is the Place - Judy Donaldson
>Proud One, The - The New Folk
>Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Janice Slater
>There's a Scarlet River Running - Valeria Vengers
>Leave Me Alone - Dougal/Ronnie Aldrich
>You've Done Your Best - The Tunespinners
>High Flying Bird - Maggie Hammond
>Midnight Bus - Betty McQuade
>Go Laddie - Maggie Hammond
>Lone Time Comin', A - The Chicks
>I'll Forgive You, Then Forget You - Dinah Lee
>Jet Girl Ad - Allison Durbin
>I Have Loved Me a Man - Allison Durbin
>I Can Hear the Picture - Judy Donaldson
>Given Time - Lynne Pike
>Beat the Clock - The Shevelles
>Quiet - Marcie Jones
>I Love How You Love Me - The Fair Sect
>Clings the Thing Ad - Dinah Lee
>Come On Down - Dinah Lee
>She Would Not Fade - Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly - (featuring Sheryl Black)


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