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Volker: Volker [Digipak]

Track List

>375-405 - (with Volker)
>Bitch - (with Volker)
>Pavor Nocturnus - (with Volker)
>Zombie Heart - (with Volker)
>Dominatrix - (with Otargos)
>XXX Dog - (with Cinc)
>Purulent Cold - (with Putrid Offal)
>Black Widow - (with 6:33)
>Sacrifice the Weak - (with Negation)
>I, Mere Mortal - (with The Lumberjack Feedback)
>Helter Skelter - (with Antropofago)
>Unus Mundus - (with Azziard)
>Everybody's Guilty - (with Infected Society)
>Great Ass Poopery, The - (with The Erkonauts)
>Author of His Own Misfortune - (previously unreleased, with Miserable Failure)
>Please, Will You Die - (previously unreleased, with C.O.A.G.)
>Ignite - (previously unreleased, with Yhdarl)
>Sources of I
>In League - (with Merda Mundi)
>Eschatologist, The - (with Cult of Erinyes)
>Sole Wrong - (with Zifir)
>Enclosing Terror - (previously unreleased, with Ad Patres)
>Wittgebstein Understated - (previously unreleased, with Nolentia)
>More Teeth Than a Chainshaw - (previously unreleased, with Vicious)

Album Notes

Recording information: Bud Record.


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