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Gap Dream: This Is Gap Dream [Digipak] *

Track List

>Greater Find
>Rock and Roll
>College Music
>24 Hour Token
>Party Foul
>Golden Shoes
>Modern Rhythms
>Judy Let Me Roam
>Shy Boy
>Stranger to Myself, A

Album Reviews:

Paste (magazine) - "Fulvimar is still as adventurous as ever in his pursuits of synth beats, `60s rock and other revered tenets of the lo-fi template; but his courage to spelunk into the innards of his own moral crises is both an admirable step as an artist, and a bit of a surprising turn of events..."

Album Notes

Gabe Fulvimar seems like a throwback to the glorious days of the mid-'80s, when four-track cassette machines were cheap and plentiful, and socially awkward would-be indie rockers were busy multi-tracking themselves into imagined bands. Fulvimar is the man behind Gap Dream, and while his third album under that banner, 2016's This Is Gap Dream, makes use of more advanced recording technology, from the wheezy keyboards and clanky drum sounds to the sometimes hesitant vocals, from a musical standpoint this has vintage bedroom project written all over it. And that's not a bad thing; like the best of four-track obsessives, Fulvimar has a way with a melody, and the homegrown production style has a charm all its own. The songs generate a subtle energy that serves as a counterpoint to the laid back drift of Fulvimar's vocals (the cover of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" turns the anthem into a pleasantly baked bit of synth pop), and the lyrics often reveal an offbeat wit when they rise to the surface (it takes a few moments to realize the "soft machines" Fulvimar is singing about in "College Music" have nothing to do with the venerable British art rock band). This Is Gap Dream is well worth a listen, as Gabe Fulvimar shows he can make a loose and satisfying album all by himself. ~ Mark Deming


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