Blue Öyster Cult: Bad Channels

Track List

>Demon's Kiss
>Horseman Arrive, The
>That's How It Is
>Jane Jane (The Hurricane)
>Somewhere in the Night
>Blind Faith
>Manic Depresso
>Mr Cool
>Myth of Freedom
>Touching Myself Again
>Little Old lady Polka
>Bad Channels Overture
>Power Station
>Power Station II
>Cosmo Rules, But Lump Controls
>Battering Ram
>This Dude is F****d
>Pick Up Her
>Spray That Scumbag
>Out of Station
>Tree Full of Owls
>Cookie in Bottle
>Corky Gets It
>Eulogy for Corky
>Spore Bomb
>Ginger Snaps
>Moon Gets It

Album Notes

Blue Oyster Cult: Eric Bloom (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Buck Dharma (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Allen Lanier (guitar, keyboards), John Rogers (bass, background vocals), Chuck Burgie (drums, background vocals).

Sykotik Sinfoney: Crusty Udder (vocals, guitar), Stanky Poozle (lead guitar, vocals), Zoid Zweetie (vocals, keyboards), Petrifilo (bass, vocals), Dr. Rhythm (drums).

DMT: Christopher Crider (guitar), Neil D. Young (bass, vocals), John M. Rush (drums).

Joker: Tony Ingala (lead vocals), Joey Miro (guitars, keyboards, background vocals), Nick Sikich (guitars, background vocals), Brian Smolar (bass, background vocals), Mike Stone (drums, background vocals).

Fair Game: Ron Keel (vocals, acoustic guitar), Eva Marie, Danelle (lead guitar, vocals), Janna James (bass, vocals), Michelle Lee (drums).

Producers: Steve Shenck, Buck Dharma, and Eric Bloom; Mark Nawara and Joker; John Bogosian; Sandy Pearlman.

Principally recorded at Alpha & Omega Recording Studio, San Rapheal, California.

Includes liner notes by Pat Siciliano.

"Music composed and performed by Blue Öyster Cult," reads the credit for this soundtrack, and that turns out to mean two actual BÖC songs, 19 instrumental excerpts, the longest of which is under two-and-a-half-minutes, and nine songs by otherwise anonymous heavy metal groups. There's a lot of music here -- the disc runs over 71 minutes -- but little of it is memorable. ~ William Ruhlmann


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